Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Vegan Baked Goods from Vegan Bakes for the Animals and the Planet

Eating plant-based can be a bit of a challenge if your someone like me, who enjoys their breads, donuts and muffins. I have tried baking my own muffins and it was a satisfactory experience. However, baking bread is another story. I don't really have the patience to do all the kneading and waiting. Luckily, I found a tasty solution to my problem.

Vegan Asado Bun and Vegan Ube Pandesal with Cashew and Soy Filling

I found Vegan Bakes for the Animals and the Planet and ordered some of their baked goods right away. They don't make and sell just breads, they have muffins, crinkles and donuts too.

Since I've been craving for pandesal, I had to order their Vegan Pandesal with Malunggay (Php85 per dozen). You can also get the plain ones if you prefer. But they're priced the same so I got the one with malunggay for added nutrition.

Vegan Pandesal with Malunggay

These turned out very delicious on their own and quite filling. Unlike most pandesals, they don't deflate when you press them in between your fingers while eating. So you can just imagine how filling each one is when you have some peanut butter or your favorite spread in the middle of the bun.

They also had other bread products so I decided to try their pan de coco and ube pandesal with cashew and soy filling.

Vegan Pan de Coco and Vegan Ube Pandesal with Cashew and Soy Filling

How could I not order the classic Pan de Coco? Also, ube and cream cheese filling is a unique combination. There has been a fad of ube-flavored baked goods or cream cheese-filled breads but not a combination of the two (unless not that I know of). So I had to order these as well. Their variation is Ube Pandesal with Cashew and Soy filling. I ordered 6 pieces of both flavors (Php150 per dozen). You can also choose to have it with ube and sweet potato filling.

We usually eat asado as a viand with rice or as a filling in siopao. So having it as a filling in bread really heightened my curiosity. 

Vegan Asado Buns

This one I ate with gusto. I usually just warmed one Vegan Asado Bun (Php160 per dozen) and that was my late night meal or afternoon snack. The good thing is that this is a protein snack or meal so you can lessen your sugar intake and still get the energy you need.

But of course, I had to have a taste of their vegan muffins too. So I choose 2 flavors and ordered a dozen of each.

Vegan Banana Muffins

Vegan Choco Peanut Muffins

I tried their Vegan Banana Muffins and Vegan Choco Peanut Muffins (Php116 per dozen) and they did not disappoint. Just like their pandesals, there were dense and very filling. They were very delicious too! These are a great way to eat breakfast on the go or if you just want to enjoy a sweet treat.

It was funny when all my orders arrived because even the delivery guy commented that it was a lot. I was surprised too! Each dozen order came in their individual box and all the breads were quite big in proportion to your usual bakery goods. I had to walk back to my apartment carrying all the boxes which were still quite warm. The whole thing was quite hefty so getting it inside the house was a short exercise and a mild weight lifting routine.

Needless to say, I was satisfied with all the baked goods I ordered. They were all delicious, dairy-free, egg-free and quite affordable. I ordered different items another time but I was't able to take pictures. All their baked goods are quite big in proportion individually so I suggest that you consider the size of your refrigerator if you are not going to eat everything on the day it arrives.

You need to place your orders and pay for them a day before so they are freshly prepared the next day. That's why my orders arrived still warm!

Vegan Bakes for the Animals and the Planet

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